Eilean Donan Castle is probably one of Scotland’s most iconic castles, situated on a tiny island where three lochs meet, and surrounded by incredible scenery. It’s really close to the bridge to Skye so it’s always a sight I love to see as it means I’m getting closer to my favourite island, but if I can make a wee stop off for pictures, I always like to do so!

Eilean Donan castle viewed from the main car park

The main pictures I see of its exterior tend to be taken from areas around the official car park, or from across the bridge at Dornie Community Hall – these are all great options to be fair, as the castle is extremely photogenic.

Eilean Donan Castle viewed from the other part of the castle car park

However, when we were travelling about a bit in the space between lockdowns last year, we found another two views of it which I wanted to share.

Eilean Donan Castle viewed from the community hall

The first is from a higher vantage point – this was a happy accident for us last year when we were passing by and spotted a sign for Carr Brae viewpoint, just to the right of the road heading north.  As you travel up the road you will spot the castle far down below, giving you a completely different vantage point of it. (The Carr Brae viewpoint itself also has some incredible views over Loch Duich but we’ll talk about that another time).

Eilean Donan castle viewed from above, on the way to Carr Brae viewpoint

For the second, you will need to swing left before you get to Loch Duich, as if you are going to Glenelg. However, rather than taking the high road, you choose the low road on the right to Ratagan. This road/path goes up the opposite side of Loch Duich and from near the end of it, you’ll find another alternative view of the castle.

Eilean Donan castle viewed from the other side of Loch Duich

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying either of these views are better than the usual ones, but if you’re a frequent visitor to the Eilean Donan area and want to see it from a different angle, these are definitely good options!

Do you have a favourite view of Eilean Donan castle? I’d love to know!

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