I love a good ruined castle.

A good ruined castle in a dramatic setting is a definite bonus. And Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire ticks both of those boxes.

We visited yesterday as we’re currently up in Aberdeen for the Bank Holiday weekend. Now you can’t just rock up to the castle at the moment and buy a ticket; after all we are still mid-pandemic, social distancing is still a thing etc.

Instead you need to book a slot and pay for a ticket online at their website. There were three slots for us to choose from; we went for the 3pm slot. This allowed us to enter the castle between 3 and 3.45 and we had until 5.15 to explore if we wanted. The tickets can be scanned from your phone so no need to worry if you don’t have a printer. It cost us eight pounds each for a ticket.

The walk to the castle from the car park is pretty dramatic and features a lot of steps which both short-arse moi and my much taller boyfriend found to be awkward heights. So be careful walking on them. Walking back up afterwards was exhausting, not helped by having people close behind me and a woman standing right at the top of the stairs with a tripod and camera pointed at me the whole time. (Given I was puffing and panting like I’d just completed a 1k – yeah, I know what I said, I can’t run okay? – it was probably a stupid move blocking the top of the stairs like that given the aforementioned pandemic!)

Inside the castle itself was cool and there was loads of nooks and crannies to explore as well as great views from the castle. Because of the whole booking in advance stuff probably as well as the pretty inclement weather, there was not too many folk there either which made the experience more pleasant than some castle visits we have had in the past.

However my favourite view had to be from the viewpoint before you reach the castle itself. There’s a wee path and a small bridge over to the right before you walk down the killer stairs; I’d definitely recommend catching the view from there!

You can book tickets on Dunnottar’s own website, right here.

Have you visited Dunnottar?

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I’m Paula, Glasgow dweller and Scotland lover. Oh, and I’m very lazy. Come join me on my somewhat lazy travels around my favourite country.

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