It’s been a bit of a stressful week for me. I had my first covid jag scheduled for Wednesday so, being anxious about needles/side effects etc I’d been a bit riddled with anxiety. By the time it got to Thursday, my anxiety was mostly gone but I had a bit of a dead arm and needed a bit of a distraction! So decided to visit Luss that evening, and it was a decision we did not regret one bit . . . We had a lovely time!

Bonding with Scotland’s national animal

Luss, back in the day, was possibly most famous for being the fictional village Glendarroch, in the now-defunct Scottish soap opera “Take the High Road” (or “High Road” in its later years) but it’s so much more than that.

Loch Lomond from Luss

It’s a beautiful wee village and, because it’s right beside Loch Lomond, the views are incredible! Although, as you may be aware from a previous post of mine, Loch Lomond is my happy place so there may be an element of bias there. 😉

Luss Parish Church

Now, Luss does have a tendency to be hugely popular and can get very busy so going in the evening like we did might be the best option if you want to avoid the crowds. They’re also now asking people to stop parking wily-nily on the teeny streets which has made a bit of a difference!

Delightful views

We wandered to the water to watch the ducks and take in beautiful Lomond, and then along to the lovely village church. After this we went for a walk a little further inland and inadvertently stumbled upon part of the faerie trail.

As you can probably imagine, Instagram fiend that I am (check out my insta here!), I took great pleasure in grabbing a pic with some fairy wings, as well as a unicorn!

Grew myself some wings!

We also spotted some lambs not long out of the packet, who came closer for a wee pose for us. I absolutely loved them, wee gems.

Wee lamb posers!

All in all it was a lovely wee night and I would thoroughly recommend an evening trip there, especially if you’ve had a hard day or week! It’s a real tonic. 💙

Have you visited Luss?

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