Long time, no post! I have to admit the joy of actual travelling and not just being able to write about it while stuck at home has got in the way and so my little blog has been somewhat abandoned of late. And it’s funny cos I visit so many places and think “I really must post about this” and then get sidetracked and forget completely where I was even going to post about…. *facepalm*

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago (which *checks calendar* turns out to be over a month ago) we were staying in Fife and decided to visit Falkland Palace. This had actually been on the old bucket list for a while, especially after we decided to become National Trust for Scotland members last year.

We originally decided to go last year, drove into Falkland, realised there was probably no hope in hell of getting parked, and headed elsewhere. (Always have a plan B, folks. And occasionally a plan C and even possibly a D, just in case the other places are too busy.)

We visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon and found it to be a really good experience. There were a few different rooms to explore with guides in some of the rooms to give us a bit of history of the castle and answer any questions we might have. The usual covid procedures like face coverings, social distancing etc were in place which I always find reassuring. I also wondered about the practicalities of half-inching a four-poster bed I was coveting in one of the bedrooms but I decided there was *probably* a good chance I’d get caught. 😉

The gardens were also a joy and just bursting with flowers… perfect to wander about on such a gorgeous day! The historic tennis court is also worth a swatch.

It’s “free” if you’re a National Trust for Scotland member (we pay 9 pounds altogether a month for a joint membership because that’s apparently a sign we’re grown ups now) If you’re not a member it’s 13 pounds per adult or about half of that just to access the gardens.

We needed to book tickets in advance cos covid/social distancing/etcetcetc at the time of our visit but I believe the need to pre-book is no longer an issue; of course always best to check their website before you go though as, let’s face it, covid has made all of the rules change on the regular!

Parking in Falkland can be… problematic. There ARE car parks and some limited on-street parking but thanks in part to a certain show (*cough* Outlander *cough*) using Falkland a fair bit, it always seems pretty busy. Please don’t park like a bell-end and like I said before, if it’s too busy, consider going elsewhere and coming back another day!

Otherwise, enjoy!

Have you visited Falkland Palace before?

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I’m Paula, Glasgow dweller and Scotland lover. Oh, and I’m very lazy. Come join me on my somewhat lazy travels around my favourite country.

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